Love Is Stronger Than Loss
Love Is Stronger Than Loss

Love Is Stronger Than Loss

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In collaboration with mama @mikhailla who lost and loved x @findingharmonydesigns creative, we remember all the babies and children that are still loved even though they can't be seen, cuddled or held in our You Are Still A Mama Collection.

Dear Mama,

There is one thing I want you to remember. The only thing stronger than loss will always be loved, so love freely in this lifetime. 
Love how you want, how you need. Love for all that is here because when the time comes again there will still be enough love for you and I. 
I know how much you love me just by watching you love everyone else. You are strong. You are loved. 

Love Always, x

Print Sizing 

This very special collection is designed on A4 hammered paper.  


To remove the stress of framing away from families going through difficult times we have added the option to purchase a frame with each design. The available frame is Black and we frame the design before shipping.