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Welcome to Our Video Blog Series! 

Welcome! Come stay awhile, read and watch on because I have the most exciting news to announce!   It's no secret that I am not a blogger and writing has never been my strong point, however, I do love sharing ideas and starting conversations about things that are important to me as a spiritual person, as a Woman and as a Mother.  So I'll be leaving the detailed blog writing to the amazing Mamas already in this community that can tell a great story through text! Cue our latest blog post from Mindful Mama Mikhailla Glossat on Social Media and Comparison!  Instead, you'll be seeing a lot more of my face as I get back in front of the camera and start a New Video Blog...

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Looking Back Gratefully

Today is International Women's Day and it is evident to me that there is a lot to be thankful for.  Yes, there are still inequalities and injustices in our society, however, for the most part,  the women of Australia today have a lot to be grateful for compared to women and young girls in other societies and in third world countries.   And here's why we should be grateful... A brief history of Australian Women's rights✨   These are just some reasons to be grateful for the rights that we have today. The fight for equality needs to continue and there are lots of women and achievements to be celebrating today. However, more importantly, I believe today is a  day to recognise that...

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Cracks in Comparison

Do you ever wake up in the morning, roll over and look at the time on your phone whether its 3.30am, 5.00am or 7.00am and wonder just exactly how your day will be today?  If you’re a Mum chances are you don’t have the time to wonder, if you’re busy working a 9-5pm job you probably don’t either as your day commences before you even have a moment to think about it.  It would be nice if we could wonder, plan and watch our world turn exactly as we have imagined it. Life has other plans for us though; it has plans to keep us living in the moment. The beauty of the chaos in the world around us is...

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What is Mindfulness and Why is it important ?

Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this video about Mindfulness, To be brutally honest with you all. It's so hard, to be honest with you all. I feel like, that's why most people hide their struggles or stresses and suffer in silence. And I feel a deep sense of pressure talking about things like mental health and pain and struggles because you never know how people will take it. However, I do believe I was brought here to help people by sharing my story. I know I'm a strong person today and I do believe that our shared struggles can be our shared power.  So I hope this video helps shed some light on What mindfulness is and gives you a little taste...

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What Inspired my designs and my mindful business?

Hi Everyone,  Here is my first youtube video where I sit down to chat about my inspiration behind my designs and why I started my business.  It really did all start out as a means of bringing mindfulness into my own home to heal my family through some tough times. Pair those needs with a strong sense of service to others, who may also be needing some inspiration through hard times and I just knew that I had to make these designs available for others.  The idea for the business came to me so perfectly that I knew I had found my meaningful work and a business I can work so passionately on.  As my passion grows I have decided to...

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