You're a Better Mum Selfish

Before you were a mum, who exactly were you?

How did your day begin and end? What did you do for you?
Do you still do any of that?

If you can’t remember the answers to some of those questions or answered no then you really are completely normal.
You’re normal because you’re immersed in a world of motherhood, putting your children first, your partner, your family and sometimes forgetting about you.

I am here to remind you that living that way for too long can lead you to a path of loss. Loss of self, loss of confidence, strength, independence, loss of the woman you really are behind motherhood.

You see, your not the woman you once were and that is okay. There is no reason to be who you were before. Instead, you are a beautiful woman that is reborn. Reborn into motherhood but during that birth you have the ability to create who you are now. Who you are now can still be both a mother and still just you.

So who are you as just you? What makes you smile outside family? What would make you wake up every day if your children weren't creating that alarm clock? What do you love to do that is just all for you?

Go and do it.

Don’t feel guilty; you are a better mum selfish. You are a better mum when you have had an hour break doing something that isn’t for the little humans you created. They already have your undivided attention every twenty-something other hours a day. They may be sleeping for some of them or they may not be but they know and you know that you are always still thinking of them.

So what can you do for you? What is the most self-loving thing you can do for yourself and do it every day or every week? Think about your partner. He probably does it. He might go to the gym for an hour or dinner with friends but what do you do? You are a mother but you are still an individual person with deep desires, wants and needs.

It is time to satisfy them, it is time to love yourself again. Love the Reborn Mother that you are and make her into something special.

Make her Powerful. Make Yourself Happy. You will be a better mum for it. 


Written by,

Mikhailla Glossat

Author of the Best Selling Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe ebook Ebook

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