Why I've been absent?


    Gosh, it's been a while! But gosh does it feel good to be back. 

    See for me, my business is a spiritual and creative outlet. I love sharing my passion for enjoying the simple things in life and living in a space of gratitude. I also love creating all the things that go along with running an online business. However, I have been absent for a few reasons. 

    The biggest and the best reason is of course, that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She's totally amazing, her name is Venice. Yes, as in the city, Venice was mine and my husband's favourite place on our honeymoon. I know, how cute! Anyway, our girl Venice is amazing. She has flipped my world all the way round in all the best kind of ways. We totally vibe with one another, she gets me, I get her and we're obsessed. So, as you can tell I've been a little-distracted loving on her.

    I've also been busily trying to get my head around having three small human lives in my care. Not an easy feat, let me tell you. I have lots of support from my Mum and my husband which has made life a million times easier then I know some other people have it. I'm so grateful to my family and husband because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be back online and in business until my kids were probably all in high school! (kidding I'd find a way to make it work)

    Lastly, I've finally come out of my postpartum funk. I spoke a little about this on Instagram stories today and might make a video about it if that's what people would like. 

    For me, those last few weeks of pregnancy and the postpartum journey leave me feeling less like myself. There's a disconnection. My creativity drops, perspective changes and everything kind of takes a shift as you go into survival mode. You're just meeting this new amazing soul, you're not sleeping well, you're learning all the wants and needs of this new family member and making sure everyone else in the family is adjusting, you're keeping a household going, trying to remember to eat.. it's a lot. Amidst of all this, I find that I lose a big sense of self. 

    It takes a while and a bit of conscious effort to find yourself again but I'm happy to say that's what I've done. I've slowly started doing the things I love like gardening, painting, drawing, editing photos, doing my makeup, reading, meditating, practising gratitude and slowly but surely it's all coming back and I'm so happy to say that I am feeling myself and better than ever. 

    That's just life really. Sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down and sometimes you feel stuck in a funk. All is well though because losing that sense of self-meant I had to practice what I preach. I had to take time for myself. I had to try new things, have fun, be in the moment, get back to basics and say thank you every morning and every night until I found myself doing it 10+ times a day. 

    Now I'm re-inspired and want to share with you all how to find your way back to yourself after you become a mum or have any big life change.

    To paraphrase Rumi, lose yourself completely to return to the root of your own soul.


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