The vision behind the designs

Hello & Welcome, 

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Harmony and I am the founder of Finding Harmony Designs. I'm a mother, wife, student of life, creative and Finding Harmony Designs is the platform where all of my passions beautifully collide. 

My passion for family, mindfulness, love of design and decor all merge together here to become some of my greatest work. 

It all came about (as it does) while I was washing the dishes. I was thinking about how I could help my husband feel happier. At the time he was battling some demons and needed some help to shift his perspective.  

So I got creating and designed some stylish prints for our home that promote mindfulness. Initially, they were designed as a means to inspire gratitude and appreciation in my own life and home but I hope by sharing my work they can help many other families to heal and fall in love with life.


I believe we need help to recognise the important things in life. The things that matter in life like love, family, health, kindness, all that good stuff. I believe that showing appreciation for those aspects of our lives is what makes us truly happy.  

It's so easy to get swept away in life. To forget what is truly important. We spend most of our lives filling our schedules with meetings, plans and deadlines that we forget to sit in the beauty of now. Rarely do people stop and think, in their day to day lives, 'wow, this very moment, this right here is a gift.'

I would say most people are like how I used to be. Too busy focusing on the future, how much work I could fit into a day, how much money I could make a week, how many houses I could buy before I was happy. The list is endless and the impact that list has on your life is the saddest part. As it never takes into account the beauty of today. Because today's not good enough. Tomorrow will be better. Next fortnight, next year will be better.

However, there is one thing that is certain. Not a single soul on earth is promised another year, another fortnight or another tomorrow. Therefore it is undeniable to me that we must be grateful for today because not to do so, is to miss the point entirely. 


I'd love to dedicate this website to the loving memory of my best friends son, Baby Foxx Fitzgerald <3 and to all the sweet infants and children in heaven. You are loved and you're always remembered. 



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