What Inspired my designs and my mindful business?

Hi Everyone, 

Here is my first youtube video where I sit down to chat about my inspiration behind my designs and why I started my business. 

It really did all start out as a means of bringing mindfulness into my own home to heal my family through some tough times. Pair those needs with a strong sense of service to others, who may also be needing some inspiration through hard times and I just knew that I had to make these designs available for others. 

The idea for the business came to me so perfectly that I knew I had found my meaningful work and a business I can work so passionately on.  As my passion grows I have decided to start a Youtube channel. I've been public speaking for work for quite some time now. I've been training women in makeup application, social media, presented on product segments and spoken in front of large crowds at expo's and I have always felt my most useful teaching and sharing my skills to help others. 

I've always known public speaking will be a big part of my life if I want to help people as much as I do. I'll be talking lots about Gratitude and mindful practices as I often have people asking me about how to meditate and be mindful. I'll also have interviews with people that I think can inspire you. And of course on all things home decor, mamahood, beauty and lifestyle. 

I'd love your support so if you'd like to follow the journey please subscribe to my channel Findingharmony HERE. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day and make mindful choices today.  





  • Debbie Haworth

    Fantastic work Harmony, you are so easy to listen to and yes, you are so right, we should be thankful for what we have and enjoy every minute of every day. Sometimes we do get carried away and concentrate too much on the future instead of enjoying our time now. Life is too short. Looking forward to following your exciting journey. Debbie x

  • Cheryl Anderson

    Hi Harmony,

    So nice to see you following your passion and shining while you do. I find gratitude to fill so many of the spaces inside of myself on so many levels and situations – experiences alone screams volumes about how powerful and essential to our healthy happy existence gratitude is. Power to you. :) I know you’ll enjoy every stage and get to lead by example, I know this is written within your soul and it keeps drawing you nearer.
    Be well <3
    Cheryl Anderson

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