Welcome to Our Video Blog Series! 

Welcome! Come stay awhile, read and watch on because I have the most exciting news to announce!  

It's no secret that I am not a blogger and writing has never been my strong point, however, I do love sharing ideas and starting conversations about things that are important to me as a spiritual person, as a Woman and as a Mother. 

So I'll be leaving the detailed blog writing to the amazing Mamas already in this community that can tell a great story through text! Cue our latest blog post from Mindful Mama Mikhailla Glossat on Social Media and Comparison! 

Instead, you'll be seeing a lot more of my face as I get back in front of the camera and start a New Video Blog Series!

The Series is created with you in mind! As I cover topics, share stories and hold interviews that are designed to inspire and support Women and Mama's to live a fulfilling and abundant life. 

So here is your invitation to the site and series! My welcome video to you all, I hope you join me and many other women as we build a community to support and uplift! 

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