Looking Back Gratefully

Today is International Women's Day and it is evident to me that there is a lot to be thankful for. 

Yes, there are still inequalities and injustices in our society, however, for the most part,  the women of Australia today have a lot to be grateful for compared to women and young girls in other societies and in third world countries.  

And here's why we should be grateful...

A brief history of Australian Women's rights✨


These are just some reasons to be grateful for the rights that we have today. The fight for equality needs to continue and there are lots of women and achievements to be celebrating today. However, more importantly, I believe today is a  day to recognise that we have an obligation to pursue our dreams and build a life that will improve the rights and reach for our daughters, sisters and women of the future. 

Today I urge you to back yourself 100% in whatever it is You dream for yourself. Because pursuing those aspirations is the sort of life that honours the lives of women past and present who didn’t and don’t have the privileges and rights that you and I have. 

X Harmony 


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