Cracks in Comparison

Do you ever wake up in the morning, roll over and look at the time on your phone whether its 3.30am, 5.00am or 7.00am and wonder just exactly how your day will be today? 

If you’re a Mum chances are you don’t have the time to wonder, if you’re busy working a 9-5pm job you probably don’t either as your day commences before you even have a moment to think about it.

 It would be nice if we could wonder, plan and watch our world turn exactly as we have imagined it. Life has other plans for us though; it has plans to keep us living in the moment. The beauty of the chaos in the world around us is in everything we can’t control.

It is not until you acknowledge in that moment of silence as you switch on the television or scroll through social media that all the light you were seeing in this very day begins to beam with cracks. Each crack representing a piece of someone else having something you may not.

A crack for the person with the bigger car, a crack for the woman with the amazing booty, a crack for the woman who seems to have perfect hair and makeup while she prepares two kids for school, a crack for those who juggles work and family life, a crack for families that kiss and hug and have it all captured. A crack for the lifestyle you are constantly looking at wondering ‘why can’t I show that too?’

Cracks of comparison and you are controlling it. You are controlling that reason you feel undervalued by placing your life on the same scale as the person you are looking at. That person that you idolize has much more to them than you see. If you open your mind to seeing that there may be more to their world than they show you begin to value your own world for all that it is.

The old saying still stands are strong as ever that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ so why do you compare? I have that answer. It is simple. We don’t really know we are doing it, until we have done it.

In simple terms ‘we didn’t know that we hated our car so much until we saw someone had something better’. Take away the person with the better car and do you really hate your own then? That’s how the thief of joy works in a rotating bubble of cracking your light until your left in the darkness. You’re in the darkness because you tried to compete. You got the loan your couldn’t afford. To have the lifestyle that doesn’t suit you, to show people that do not matter to you. You are back in a corner that you will never compare to, not because you aren’t good enough to compare to it but because you’re morals, your life style, your way of living is different to that person.

I often ask myself, do I want this for me? Or do I want it for them? Do I do it for me? Or do I do it for them? If you’re doing it for anyone other than yourself then you are doing it all wrong. It is the same reason I am in business. I am in business for me, doing something I genuinely love. At the same time, I am just fortunate that it can be classified as a business and bring equally as much good and happiness to others who choose to be apart of it.

It’s time to change the priorities in your life and switch off unconscious comparison by prioritizing the things that make you happy. If being with your family makes you happy then go home and love your family, if playing with your dogs brings you joy then take them out for a walk, if writing your thoughts, meditating, gym class, swimming in the ocean or catching up with friends makes you happy then just do it.

Don’t pick up the phone and immerse yourself in hours of social media, emails, and television because the same amount of time spent doing those things can be done doing the things you genuinely love instead.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, no one needs to see how you spend them but you should feel by the end of that day that those were hours well spent.

Written by,

Mikhailla Glossat

Author of the Best Selling Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe ebook Ebook

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  • Christine foxwell

    Love this cracks in comparison
    Made me really think this is truly my motto now ,
    After been given six weeks to live back in 2016 you can clearly see I have a second chance
    So I am doing exactly what you said Mikhailla living each day to the fullest t.
    hank you for your wise words love reading your literature

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