A Bump in Abundance by Mikhailla Glossat

Think back to a year ago, can you remember in that moment what was really important to you? What made you smile that day? What made you sad?

Time passed so quick that you blinked and here you are. A year later, perhaps you are a little wiser, have more or less money, an extra child, a new career or you may be doing the same. Is it everything you imagined it would be? I hope it is. I hope you can see that all you have right now is all you need.

If you don’t feel those same feelings then you may be feeling what is known as overwhelmed, unachieved and not in control. You may be feeling that you are still so far from where you ever pictured.

Will you ever get there? How will you get there?

On a piece of paper you get there by following a list, thinking positive thoughts and just by doing everything you set out to do.

In reality, the piece of paper has much more too it than you can ever envision. If you write a list with your goals I challenge you to write the setbacks you may encounter along the way. If you’re unaware of what possible set backs may occur just write the word ‘bump’ to represent a bump in the journey along the way.

That is what I call reality. Planning for the life ahead of us but accepting that the road can and often will be full of bumps, turns and taking two steps back before we can take three steps forward.

If we accept that there will be bumps in the road we begin to manifest a happier life, we begin to feel more abundant. Just by feeling those feelings and accepting them you begin to nourish a happier life. A happier life that doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

If life were meant to be lived within ten years we wouldn’t live beyond a hundred of them. You may not live through them all, but you can make sure that the years you are here that you are fully present, present with a smile on your face, love in your heart and happiness in your soul. Don’t focus on where your going so much and just focus on what you can do today. Your purpose is in every day, even in those big beautiful testing bumps.


Written by,

Mikhailla Glossat

Author of the Best Selling Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe ebook Ebook




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