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Why I've been absent?

Hey!  Gosh, it's been a while! But gosh does it feel good to be back.  See for me, my business is a spiritual and creative outlet. I love sharing my passion for enjoying the simple things in life and living in a space of gratitude. I also love creating all the things that go along with running an online business. However, I have been absent for a few reasons.  The biggest and the best reason is of course, that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She's totally amazing, her name is Venice. Yes, as in the city, Venice was mine and my husband's favourite place on our honeymoon. I know, how cute! Anyway, our girl Venice is amazing. She has flipped...

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You're a Better Mum Selfish

Before you were a mum, who exactly were you? How did your day begin and end? What did you do for you?Do you still do any of that? If you can’t remember the answers to some of those questions or answered no then you really are completely normal. You’re normal because you’re immersed in a world of motherhood, putting your children first, your partner, your family and sometimes forgetting about you. I am here to remind you that living that way for too long can lead you to a path of loss. Loss of self, loss of confidence, strength, independence, loss of the woman you really are behind motherhood. You see, your not the woman you once were and that...

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A Bump in Abundance by Mikhailla Glossat

Think back to a year ago, can you remember in that moment what was really important to you? What made you smile that day? What made you sad? Time passed so quick that you blinked and here you are. A year later, perhaps you are a little wiser, have more or less money, an extra child, a new career or you may be doing the same. Is it everything you imagined it would be? I hope it is. I hope you can see that all you have right now is all you need. If you don’t feel those same feelings then you may be feeling what is known as overwhelmed, unachieved and not in control. You may be feeling that...

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VIDEO SERIES: 1 | What Does It Mean To Live Gratefully

  Living in a space of gratitude isn't always easy but boy is it rewarding! I love sharing my passion for gratitude and in this weeks video, I share with you what it means to me to live life gratefully!  If you don't have the time to watch this short 2min video here's a quick breakdown of what it means to live in a space of gratitude.  So here it is...   Practising Gratitude and living gratefully means Understanding life isn't perfect and it doesn't need to be in order to be thankful and appreciative of what we have TODAY.  Learn to Let go. Let go of how you think things need to be in order to love your life and all...

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How To Be Grateful on Hard Days

Last year was hard, the first half especially. 2017 felt like an uprooting year for me and more times than I would like to think, my world was thrown upside down. My marriage was pushed to the edge, my husband's father was in a serve accident, there were complete family breakdowns, relationships severed and heartbreakingly my best friend lost her first son, Foxx. It was a really hard few months for a lot of us.  My first instinct in struggle is to armour up. To protect my self from pain I usually put up a 50ft shield, block people out and you can be sure I'm ready to fight to protect myself and the people I love. Not fight in a physical sense, but fight in sense of...

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