Creating a Calming Space with Inspiring Decor

One of the reasons I started my designs business was because I understood just how much our environment influences our mental health and how important it is to be inspired by our home decor. 
What is Inspiring Decor?
This is any item in your home that inpires a part of you. Finding Harmony Designs mission is to create designs that inspire mindfulness and gratitude in the home environment made so much sense to me. 
If you have a minute, take a look at some of the research out there about how much man-made environments or our built environment like our home, directly and indirectly, affect our mental well being. 
Characteristics of our environment like the amount of light in a home, the noises we regularly hear, a homes aspect and levels of crowding, all have been found to influence mental health. 
Even without the research, I don't know about you, but a cluttered, messy, noisy home drives me a crazy. 
So here are some simple tips to creating a calm space in your living room. A space that energises you and makes you feel at ease. 


Your living room is for living so make room for the things that you love by losing all the things you don't love. There is something so therapeutic about decluttering! It brings clarity and calm to a space instantly. I so love this quote about decluttering - "Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions" 
So decide today what to donate, recycle and start to get rid of the items you have been holding onto for far too long. If they don't bring calming values to the space they have to go.
This is a really great practice to start because it impacts your accountability when you are out shopping. Allowing you to make more conscious and mindful decisions about what to buy and add to your home.  Win, Win! 

Colour Pallets 

Choose colours that calm you and make you feel happy in that space. Pastels are seriously on trend at the moment. Especially this gorgeous feminine pink colour I'm seeing everywhere. I'm not big on trends for my own home because I love a classic look but pastels have such a strong feminine energy. When I see pink in a home I just feel like I'm getting a big hug from my mum or a loving aunt. Who wouldn't love that energy in their home?!

If you want to add softness and calm to your space then you won't need to search far. Kmart, adairs, ikea, pretty much everywhere have lots of pastel homewares to gently liven your living room. 



When it comes to decorating I have a few must-haves for creating a calm space. 
Comfy Clean Couch
When redecorating clean your couch and always use your couch as the starting point for your styling decisions. If it doesn't go with the couch it doesn't go in the room! 
Cushions are a great way to bring the 'warm fuzzies' feelings to an environment. Using different textures brings comfort and cosiness to your space. 
Mindful Wall Art 
Words are so powerful at influencing our mindset and mental health! So choose one of our prints that you want to inspire your home with! We have 4 new colours available to shop! 
Living plants!
Living plants are must!! They improve the air quality, filter toxins and bring life to their environment.
Crystals are a great way to bring calm energy into your space. Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, or any blue crystals have calming energies. The crystal featured is a beautiful Celestite that has a gentle uplifting energy and the colour is really on trend! 
Candles are a great way to ritualise relaxation time and are a must for me in pretty much all rooms haha. I like to light candles when its no technology time when it's time to meditate and the best time.. when it's time to relax and read! 
There's something about the warmth that natural woods and materials bring to a home! They bring a sense of grounding and earth to a home. Whether you have beautiful hardwood floors, Cane chairs or baskets wood and raw pieces are a great way to bring calm to your living room. 


I hope you enjoyed this post Guys! Let me know what you think by commenting over on the Finding Harmony designs Instagram page. 
Stay grateful and remember to never let the things you want, allow you to forget the things you have. 

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